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Cargobus team takes great care of all clients, so you will be driven by professionals who want to give the best experience ever.

We are proud to offer the most frequent and green package delivery network in the region.

Cargobus, the Mootor Grupp’s oldest member, is one of the largest Estonian courier companies. Cargobus has been providing superior courier service since 1992. Being part of the group of companies who have been playing a leading role in the Estonian transportation sector gives us the necessary know-how, synergy between services and IT solutions to offer the best services.

Cargobus offers a wide variety of services including unique express parcel delivery service – most frequently used method of delivering parcels to the desired destination is by using a bus network having commercials and parcel points. Cargobus is represented in 14 Estonian cities plus in Latvia and Lithuania.

The experience of handling over 2,000 shipments daily makes Cargobus your trusted partner.

We are proud to offer the most frequent and green package delivery network in the region.

Cargobus has a partnership with more than 30 bus companies and operates nearly 600 different bus lines daily to transport the client´s parcels. This constant bus network grants you the best price and allows us to be the quickest parcel service provider in Baltics.

We provide eco-friendly parcel service – we do not pollute or overload the environment. Moving the goods by the coach buses helps us to leave a smaller footprint.

There are 3 main values in the core of the service we provide:

  1. Flexibility taylor made service
  2. Simple ship it easily
  3. Green harm less

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