Parcel packaging

We want to share our practice how to pack and mark parcel suitably. It would be perferct if you pack parcels like this:

  1. Parcel would be packed in envelope, plastic bags, paper or plastic bixes - using materials which are strong enough to save the package content from possible presure while loading or transporting. 
  2. Think about other parcels - your parcel should not harm vehicle itself and other parcels, which are transported together. This means that everything must be inside the package, without any sharp corners.
  3. Empty space inside the box should be filled with paper, foam, cotton, air-burble film - these materials do not allow for package content to rub to box itself, save from parcel breaking.
  4. Paper boxes must be sticked with tape at least 3 times because it strengthens the box and saves from theft or part or parcel loss. If you use your branded tape - it gives additional safety for your parcel, because nobody can open package without leaving traces of cut or similar.
  5. If you send liquids, you must be sure that they are tightly closed and cannot open itself.

If you use these tips at least 90%, your parcel will be suitably packed and safe enough to transport your parcel safely. We seek for it!

We also want to advise how to mark parcel so that it would reach receiver successfully:

  1. It should be written on package sender`s name & surname / title, address and phone number readable. 
  2. It should be written on package receiver`s name & surname / title, address and phone number readable.
  3. If more than one packages foes to the same receiver, each package should have its number from total amount. For example: 1/3; 2/3; 3/3.
  4. Please stick warning signs on package if needed - you can print those from internet or purchase stickers in Cargobus terminals.